Find That Sound!


wind-up musical toy, music box, or kitchen timer


What to do

1. As children are finishing up their play, find a place to hide a musical toy or music box. Wind it up and hide it out of sight while none of the children are looking. You may want to ask the children to cover their eyes.

2. The children take turns (or they can search in groups) trying to find where the musical toy is hiding. This is a great activity to try to help children develop their listening skills.

3. Invite the children to play this game with each other.


More to do

Discovery: Hide the musical toy while children are out of the room and when they come back in, ask, "Do you hear something?" Encourage them to discover where the music is coming from.


-Megan Friday, Baltimore, MD


1. This activity helps children practice their pouring skills and learn the
concept of full.
2. Put out several individual trays. On each tray, put one pitcher and one
small drinking cup.
3. Encourage the children to put the small toys in their pitcher and
practice filling the cup with the toys.

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