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The GIANT Encyclopedia of Preschool Activities for 4-Year-Olds

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The GIANT Encyclopedia of Preschool Activities for 4-Year-Olds


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1. Divide the children into two teams to play these special relays. Encourage the
children to cheer loudly and clap for their team members. Make sure each
child gets a turn.
2. Relay One: The first child picks up an orange or ball from a bowl using her
elbows (no hands allowed). She runs to a second bowl, drops the orange or
ball into it, and runs back to the team. The next child runs to the second
bowl, picks up the object with her elbows, and then runs to the first bowl and
drops it in. The third child repeats the first child's run, and so on.
3. Relay Two: Blindfold one child from each team and give each one a stick to
use as a cane. Ask the two children to follow your voice to walk to a distant
chair and then return to the team.
4. Relay Three: One child from each team will lie on her stomach on a scooter
board and use her hands to pull herself to a distant chair, around it, and back
to the team.
5. Relay Four: Use tricycles as "wheelchairs." Ask one child from each team to
sit on a tricycle. She will steer it using the handlebars and rest her feet on the
foot bar. A second child will rest her hands on the first child's shoulders or
back and push her to a distant chair and back.
6. Reward all the children with ribbons or medals for effort.
More to do
Social Development: Discuss handicaps and how all people have feelings and
dreams. Also explain that everyone has things they can do easily and things that
are hard for them. People who are differently abled do many of the same things
others do, only in a different way. Contact the Easter Seal Society or MS Society
for educational materials. Teach the children some sign language.

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