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The GIANT Encyclopedia Of Learning Center Activities For Children 3 to 6



cheese grater

egg slicer


tomato slicer

French fry cutter

apple corer

garlic press

plastic knives and forks

plastic cups



* Find and set out images of various flies and mayflies.
* Write the days of the week on index cards. Display the word cards across the
top of the calendar area bulletin board, within reach of the children.
What to Do
1. Talk with the children about flies. Ask the children to talk about times that they
have seen flies. Explain that there are flies and there are mayflies. Show the
children images of each. Explain that one of the major differences between
the two types of flies is that mayflies usually live for only one day, while other
flies can live for a few weeks.
2. Show the children images of flies and other insects, and challenge the children
to identify the flies.
3. Each morning, give one child an image of a mayfly, and ask the child to tape
the image below the word card that has the current day's name on it.
4. Encourage the rest of the children in the class to help the child.
5. Say the name of the day with the children together, and ask the children to say
the names of the days that come before and after that day.
Consider the following:
* Can the children say what day it is?
* Can the children distinguish a fly from other insects?

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