Coconut Sound Shakers

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The GIANT Encyclopedia Of Learning Center Activities For Children 3 to 6


  • plastic coconut cups (found in novelty stores and catalogs)
  • assorted materials for sounds (pebbles, marbles, sand, and confetti)
  • clear tape
  • labels
  • markers
  • laminate
  • self-adhesive Velcro
  • sensory table
  • green streamers


What to do

1. In advance, fill each coconut with a different sound-producing object.

2. Seal the containers closed with clear tape.

3. Draw a picture of each sound-producing object on separate labels and laminate.

4. Stick Velcro on each coconut cup and on each label.

5. Put a symbol on the labels and coconut cups so children can check their answers.

6. Fill the sensory table with green streamers and add the coconut cups.

7. Encourage the children to pick up coconut shakers, shake them, and guess the objects inside. The children can attach the matching label to the cup.


-Quazonia Quarles, Newark, DE


1. Let children help peel the apples. Remove the core from each one (adult
2. Cook the apples in boiling water until tender.
Note: Supervise closely, and do not let children near the boiling water.
3. Drain the apples and let cool. Ask children to mash them with a fork.
4. Add sugar and a bit of cinnamon and mix. The applesauce is ready to eat!

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