Charting the Weather

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  • large calendar
  • pen or pencil
  • white paper


What to do

1. Set up the calendar in a place where the children can see it easily, and put a sheet of white paper beside it.

2. On the sheet of paper, draw weather symbols. For example, make a C for clouds, or draw a picture of clouds; for the sun, make an S, or draw the sun. Explain all the symbols to the children.

3. Each morning, choose a different child to report the weather and mark the calendar with the appropriate weather letter or symbol.

4. At the end of the month, add up the days: sunny, rainy, overcast, snowing, and so on.

5. Show the children the total number of days in each category, and how those numbers add up to the total number of days in the month. Ask the children how many kinds of weather they experienced through the month, and which was most and least frequent.

6. Remove one type of weather, for example, sunny days, and ask the children how many days there are total now, and which weather types were most and least frequent throughout the month.


-Ingelore Mix, Gainesville, VA

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