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The GIANT Encyclopedia of Preschool Activities for 4-Year-Olds

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The GIANT Encyclopedia of Preschool Activities for 4-Year-Olds



Camera and film

Paper and pen

Glue or tape

Construction paper



1. Choose a box that is low to the ground, so that the children will be able to sit
around it and reach into it. Make sure it is shallow enough so that the children
can see what is inside.
2. Encourage the children to decorate the box using markers or paint. Write
"Cutting Box" on the side.
3. Make a paper "pouch" and tape it outside the box. Place a stack of envelopes
inside the pouch. (The children will use the envelopes to store their cuttings.)
4. Place the cutting materials inside the box, along with children's scissors. If
desired, attach a string to the box to hang the scissors.
5. Bring out the box once a week or as needed. (For example, I noticed a huge
improvement in the children's cutting skills after they were given the chance
to practice at their own pace and in a casual environment.)
6. Add fun scissors, such as those with zigzag and curved edges to add new
interest to the center. Rotate the supplies to make it interesting for the chil-
dren who do not like to cut or who lack confidence in their cutting skills.
7. Add paper and glue sticks occasionally and encourage the children to glue
their cutouts to the paper.
More to do
Change the items in the Cutting Box to reflect the classroom themes. For example:
* Ask the children to cut out specific items from magazines that match
the specific theme. For example: jobs, transportation, flowers and
plants, letters, animals or pets, and so on.
* Make a clothesline. Ask the children to cut out clothes for a specific
season and use clothespins to hang them on the special clothesline.
Discuss why we wear different clothes at different times of year.
* Divide a piece of large poster board into different sections, such as the
food groups, different colors, or different shapes. Hang the poster
board on a wall. Ask the children to cut out items for each section and
glue them in the appropriate area.
* If the children are learning about the food groups, give each child a
paper plate. Ask the children to cut out foods that make a balanced
meal and glue them to the plate.

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