Animal Trail Mix

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Learn Every Day About Animals


4 or more different types of animalshaped foods such as whaleshaped crackers, teddy bear crackers, plain

animal crackers, iced animal crackers, and so on

chart paper


measuring spoons

plastic cups or bowls


1. This activity works well with children who are beginning to label the sounds
that the letters in their names make.
2. Give each child enough paper so that he has one piece for each letter in his
name. Write one letter of the child's name on each piece of paper.
3. Assist the children in identifying something that begins with each of the
letters in their names. For example, a child named Tom could have "twig" (T),
"orange" (O), and "mom" (M).
4. Write the words they choose, one on each piece of paper. Encourage the
children to use art supplies to create an artistic representation of each word.
5. Share the pictures at group time.

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