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Wired Differently
A Teacher’s Guide to Understanding Sensory Processing Challenges

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Wired Differently
A Teacher’s Guide to Understanding Sensory Processing Challenges



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Preschool is a time of wonder when curiosity, development, and learning intersect. While the new sights, routines, and experiences can make preschool exhilarating, what about children who struggle? Perhaps they exhibit odd behaviors: chewing on clothing, covering their ears, avoiding certain textures, refusing to sit with peers, screaming when frustrated, hitting, kicking, or biting.

Wired Differently will help you to decode what may seem like everyday challenging behaviors. It’s possible that these children are struggling with sensory processing disorder (SPD).

  • Differentiate between everyday challenging behaviors, and those that could signify something much more
  • Understand what sensory processing disorder (SPD) is and how it can interfere with a child’s learning
  • Learn how to include sensory processing strategies as part of a typical classroom routine, and why they’re important for all children
  • Effectively communicate with families about SPD behaviors and helpful learning techniques
Keriann Wilmot, OTR/L

Keriann Wilmot, OTR/L, is a pediatric occupational therapist with 18 years of experience in helping teachers and parents to connect and improve the lives of children. She is a blogger...

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“If you've ever wondered what sensory processing disorder is or what to look for, this book is for you! Keri takes all things sensory and expertly explains them in plain English. Not only does she explain the different types of sensory processing disorder, she also gives concrete examples of how it may manifest in young children. A very eye opening read that will leave you wishing you had read it sooner!”

Vanessa Levin
Early Childhood Trainer and Consultant

“In Wired Differently, Keriann Wilmot has used her knowledge experience as a pediatric therapist to not only provide practical information on a sometimes confusing topic, but also to impart the need for compassion in working with students and families. This book provides a unique combination of accessible, easy to understand information about sensory processing challenges and practical, actionable ways to support students. Wired Differently is a must-read for teachers and therapists!”

Amanda Morin
Author and Senior Expert, Family Advocacy and Education