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Up and at ‘Em
Easy Ways to Get Fit and Eat Right

Up and at ‘Em
Easy Ways to Get Fit and Eat Right



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Up and at ‘Em: Easy Ways to Get Fit and Eat Right is designed to provide a fun, easy way to get students moving, increase their energy, and improve their coordination and gross motor skills as they learn to work cooperatively. The flexible nine-week curriculum integrates physical activity and nutrition into any after school program. 

The Up and at ‘Em approach, based on the work of fitness trainer Keena White, is used in hundreds of after school programs throughout the United States to help thousands of elementary-age children reach fitness and nutrition goals. 

Up and at ‘Em is organized into nine easy-to-implement themes:

• Healthy Eating

• Games, Games, Games

• Partner Up!

• Down on the Farm

• Dairy Deliciousness

• Everything in Moderation

• Choosing Favorites

• Healthy Eating Review

• Be Active!

Up and at ‘Em was developed by AlphaBest Education, Inc., in collaboration with Keena White, an International Sports Sciences Association-certified fitness trainer.

AlphaBEST Education

AlphaBEST designs and operates extended day, summer and tutoring programs that offer opportunities for students to learn, develop, explore, and have fun beyond the school day in a safe, educational...

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