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The Preschool Scientist

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Children learn best through hands-on exploration, observation, and discovery. With more than 100 activities, The Preschool Scientist gives children the opportunity to actively engage, experiment, create, and discover the exciting world of science. Using a unique inquiry-based approach, these activities explore science through learning centers, integrating this important subject into the entire classroom. Each of the activities has “Keep it Simple” and “Add a Challenge” sections so teachers can adjust the difficulty to their unique classrooms.

Organized by theme, chapters include:
·    Alike and Different
·    Exploring Motion
·    Exploring Change
·    Exploring Tools
·    Working with Water
·    Light and Shadows
·    Getting to Know Our World

With this hands-on approach, children will have fun developing problem-solving skills while becoming comfortable with exploring their world.

Robert E. Rockwell

Robert Rockwell has many years of experience as a teacher and administrator at preschool, elementary, and college levels. He is in demand as a speaker and has traveled and conducted...

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Elizabeth A. Sherwood

Elizabeth Sherwood, EdD, is currently assistant professor of Early Childhood Education in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. She is a regular contributor to the...

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Robert A. Williams

@import url(/admin/CuteEditor_Files/Style/SyntaxHighlighter.css); @import url(/ghbooks3.css); Robert Williams is Professor Emeritus at Southern Illinois University. He is currently acting as lead consultant for the NSF-funded Building Base Line Objectives for Children’s Knowledge...

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David A. Winnett

David A. Winnett spent ten years teaching chemistry and physics in the Illinois public schools, followed by 25 years preparing teachers to teach science. He has won many awards, including...

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