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The Complete Learning Center Book, Revised

The Complete Learning Center Book, Revised



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The Complete Learning Center Book, Revised

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Wake up your classroom with these unique learning centers and new ideas for energizing traditional learning centers. Completely revised, each learning center now includes assessment tools and updated literacy components. In addition, you will find 9 completely new learning centers:

  • Adventure Center
  • Box Center
  • Car Wash Center
  • Dance Studio Center
  • Laughing Center
  • Outdoor Drama Center
  • Project Center
  • Sign Shop Center
  • Small Motor Center

Each of the 40 learning center plans is complete with:

  • Learning objectives
  • A detailed illustration of the learning center
  • Center activities
  • Literacy connections
  • A web of integrated learning, diagramming the curriculum areas taught
  • Teacher-collected props
  • Vocabulary related to the center
  • Assessment tools
  • A letter to family members

This new edition features a CD-ROM that includes letters to family members, graphics and icons for each center, and observation and assessment tools. Everything you need to introduce 40 unique and traditional learning centers to the children in your classroom is right here!

Rebecca Isbell

Rebecca Isbell, PhD, is a motivational speaker and consultant in early childhood education. She was Director of the Center of Excellence in Early Childhood Learning and Development and a professor of Early...

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