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The Big Messy* Art Book
*But Easy to Clean Up

The Big Messy* Art Book
*But Easy to Clean Up



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Bring the joy of creativity, the delight of imagination, and the thrill of an art adventure to young children! The Big Messy Art Book opens the door for children to experience art on a grander, more expressive scale. Paint a one-of-a-kind masterpiece from a swing, or try painting a hanging ball while it moves! Children will dive into these big experiences in creativity and remember them with enthusiasm and pride. Their minds and spirits are ready for the challenge. With The Big Messy Art Book, you are giving them the opportunity to go beyond the ordinary and into the amazing!

MaryAnn F. Kohl

MaryAnn Kohl is an experienced educator and publisher whose interest in creative art comes from years of teaching young children, first as an elementary school teacher, later as a college...

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The Big Messy* Art Book has won the Early Childhood News Director's Choice Award.