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Simple STEAM
50+ Science Technology Engineering Art Math Activities for ages 3 to 6

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Simple STEAM Excerpt


Simple STEAM
50+ Science Technology Engineering Art Math Activities for ages 3 to 6



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Parents are eager to help their children learn, but teaching young children complicated scientific and mathematical concepts can be intimidating. Simple STEAM helps parents realize they don’t need to be engineers or scientists to support STEAM learning.

  • Help children explore STEAM concepts with fun and engaging activities
  • Discover STEAM learning opportunities in everyday activities and experiences
  • Prepare children for kindergarten
  • Build crucial 21st century learning skills, including collaboration, communication, creativity and problem solving, curiosity, and critical thinking
Marnie Forestieri, CDA

CEO and founder of Young Innovators Academy, Marnie is an entrepreneur at heart with a passion for introducing innovative approaches and business models. As a successful operator of large child-care...

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Debby Mitchell

Debby Mitchell, EdD, recently retired from teaching in the College of Education at University of Central Florida, where she was an associate professor and coordinator of sports and fitness. She...

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Simple STEAM has won the Teachers' Choice Award for the Family 2019, and Creative Child Magazine Book of the Year Award 2018.

“Simple STEAM: 50+ Science Technology Engineering Art Math Activities for Ages 3-6 by Marnie Forestieri and Debby Mitchell is a wonderful resource for parents and educators of young children. With colorful pictures, easy to follow instructions, and fun activities, this is sure to be a resource that will help parents and teachers connect with their children in fun and creative ways. Using materials that you already have on hand, the activities can be completed in just a few minutes and the children learn invaluable lessons. Science, technology, engineering, art and math are not just boring school subjects; they are fun tools needed and used in everyday life! This is a book I can highly recommend to anyone who works with or parents young children.”

Tara Dew

“As a mother, teacher, and writer/illustrator of children’s books, I have a good idea of what appeals to children. They are innately curious and employ all of their five senses to learn about the world around them. Simple STEAM:50+ Science Technology Engineering Art Math Activities for Ages 3 to 6 by Marnie Forestieri and Debby Mitchell encourages them to do just that. The 50+ activities included in this book will inspire young children with hands-on experiments they can perform at home with their parents/ caregivers. The adult is considered a co-learner and collaborator. Together they will explore the pillars of 21st Century education: science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Critical thinking skills, collaboration and observation are all important foundations for successful learners and future leaders. The activities are fun, well-planned, and easy to follow. The adults will be relieved to find that they need not be a scientist or mathematician to be able to guide their youngster through the experiments, in fact they may even learn something along with their child! Asking questions and actively engaging the child while working alongside deepens the level of understanding. This experiential learning allows mistakes to happen which resonates with children and provides valuable opportunities to explore, observe, hypothesize, and question. ”

Laurie Ingersoll

“After reviewing the activities and lessons in Simple STEAM, I immediately incorporated into my professional library of resources and will be using it for activities to keep my children active and learning over the summer break. Its innovative and entertaining ideas are sure to make learning fun!”

Melodie Griffin