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Raising a Talker
Easy Activities for Birth to Age 3!

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Raising a Talker Excerpt


Raising a Talker
Easy Activities for Birth to Age 3!



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Raising a Talker

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Combining fun, easy-to-do activities with research-based tips and developmental overviews, Raising a Talker helps parents and caregivers naturally transform play sessions into meaningful language-learning experiences. Little tweaks and easy changes in everyday play create nurturing environments where communication and discovery can flourish. These skills build the foundation for better communication, both now and later, and set the stage for success in school and beyond. This practical communication and language guide shows parents and caregivers how to play and talk in ways that foster children’s emerging language skills while building on their natural curiosity and exploring the world together. Raising a Talker will have parents more tuned in to their children as better conversational and play buddies.

Renate Zangl, PhD

"As a developmental psycholinguist Renate Zangl not only knows her field but also how to convey her advanced understanding to those of us without a doctorate." - The National Parenting Center...

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Raising a Talker has won the Mom's Choice Award (Gold), National Parenting Publications Awards (Gold), and The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval (Winner).

“Great for new parents to foster communication with their little ones. Clean and easy-to-follow layout. Activities are laid out to explain the skills fostered, goals, materials, and what to look for. This book provides a great resource for parents and can be used by educators as well.”

National Parenting Publications Awards

“As a developmental psycholinguist Renate Zangi not only knows her field but also how to convey her advanced understanding to those of us without a doctorate. “Raising a Talker” has an accessible tone with simple instructions broken down into manageable parts: “Skills Fostered,” “Goals,” “Materials,” “What to Do,” “What to Look For” and an end of chapter checklist. Each page has a different exercise. It explains exactly what the exercise is, the goals of the exercise, how to do it, the skills it fosters and the materials you need for the exercise. Parents like that they can grab tips and tools about communicating with their children even if they are different ages. The information and suggestions of how to teach language through play are explained simply and the activities can be done quickly. Zangl understands that parents often don’t have more than a few minutes to read and thus designed the book to give them the ability to flip to any chapter, read a couple pages and put the book down armed with great information.”

The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval

“...Raising a Talker by Dr. Renate Zangl is written in a down to earth tone that makes the information easy to comprehend and offers many concise suggestions...Raising a Talker is a great book that includes observation guides and checklists as well as simple yet effective activities to incorporate based on the child’s age and ability. It also presents information for parents in a way that is not overwhelming. The book is a little over two hundred pages rich with information that will provide parents and educators with communication tools to help a child’s language develop.”

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