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Preparing for Disaster
What Every Early Childhood Director Needs to Know

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Preparing for Disaster Excerpt


Preparing for Disaster
What Every Early Childhood Director Needs to Know



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Without warning, a catastrophic event can destroy an early childhood program. Based on Cathy Grace and Elizabeth Shores’ experiences working in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina, Preparing for Disaster explains the steps directors can take to insure the safety of their program and the children they care for.

With forms, worksheets, staff-training workshops, and task lists, as well as helpful guidelines and insights, this groundbreaking guide is filled with practical advice for every program director:

·    Create a Disaster Readiness Master Plan—and implement it.
·    Train teachers and administrators how to react in a catastrophic event.
·    Educate parents about your disaster plan to reduce panic.
·    Learn to create planned evacuation routes and how to notify local emergency management agencies of your plans.
·    Complete insurance, inventory, records back-up, and rental agreement forms.

Preparing for Disaster provides practical advice and information to prepare for and respond to universal disasters like fires and epidemics and regional disasters such as tornadoes and earthquakes. Protect your program before disaster strikes.

Preparing for Disaster is the companion book to After the Crisis: Using Storybooks to Help Children Cope.

Cathy Grace

Cathy Grace served as the early childhood coordinator at the Mississippi Department of Education and assisted school districts in the implementation of public kindergarten throughout the state. Working with the...

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Elizabeth Shores

Elizabeth F. Shores, MAPh, is the associate director for research, communications, and national initiatives of the Early Childhood Institute at Mississippi State University. Elizabeth was the editor of the journal...

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