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Parents Ask, Experts Answer
Nurturing Happy, Healthy Children

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Parents Ask, Experts Answer Excerpt


Parents Ask, Experts Answer
Nurturing Happy, Healthy Children



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Parents Ask, Experts Answer

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Who’s the expert on your child? You are! But, what if you need validation? What if you need support? What if you have questions? As a parent, you may assume others have it all figured out—that there is some kind of magic decoder ring or secret handshake that will give you the key to parenting. But, if each child is unique, how can there be a one-size-fits-all guide to parenting? Although no one can has it all figured out, Parents Ask, Experts Answer empowers you by offering caring, informed responses from a variety of trusted professionals.

In Parents Ask, Experts Answer, Tina Nocera, founder of Parental Wisdom, brings together a panel of thirty-five experts to offer advice on some of the most challenging issues faced by parents:


discipline bullying behavior 
sleep caregivers play
family relationships siblings separation
special needs education friendship
technology peer pressure money

By presenting multiple solutions to each challenge, Parents Ask, Experts Answer helps you see that there may be several right answers to a problem. You will be empowered to choose a realistic solution that is right for your family.

Tina Nocera

Tina Nocera founded Parental Wisdom® after struggling to find answers to her parenting questions. She noticed that although there was an overwhelming amount of information, it was like trying to take...

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“Parenting is not a cookie cutter experience nor is it an exact science, even within one family the same approach or response to a problem will not work from one child to the next. This book acknowledges that there are multiple options about how to parent and provides unique and varied responses for tackling each. Parents felt that this allowed the reader to evaluate the circumstance and decide which method will work best for them. Testers liked how the book is organized into specific chapters, grouping behaviors and issues into common topics. For example, there is a section dealing with Anger, Tantrums, and Fears. There is also a very comprehensive index at the back of the book that is helpful when trying to find specific topics. What also impressed is how the book offers biographies of all the authors. They are not all doctors or psychologists, and the diversity of their backgrounds helps to provide a broader array of perspective and approaches than other books in the genre.”

National Parenting Center