Move to Learn
Integrating Movement into the Early Childhood Curriculum

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Move to Learn
Integrating Movement into the Early Childhood Curriculum



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When we imagine happy young children, we picture exuberant and unbridled movement. Not only is movement natural, it is also necessary for optimal physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development. Moving children are developing children. With Move to Learn, it is easy to turn your classroom into an environment that encourages movement experiences rich in sensory, perceptual, and visual-motor experiences.

Through simple strategies and activities, Move to Learn seamlessly integrates fine and gross motor-skill development across the early childhood curriculum:

  • Language and Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Creative Representation
  • Social Skills

With most activities listed in order of difficulty, choosing the right one for your class is easy! Regardless of the number of children, the physical size of your classroom, or the quality or quantity of equipment available to you, the ideas in Move to Learn are flexible enough to get every classroom moving. 

Miriam P. Feinberg

Miriam P. Feinberg, PhD, is a teacher trainer, curriculum writer, and parent educator. One of her most fun jobs was as educational consultant to schools in Thailand, Vietnam, India and...

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Joye Newman

Joye Newman is a perceptual motor therapist and the director of Kids Moving Company, a popular creative movement company in Bethesda, Maryland. In her spare time, she enjoys Israeli folk...

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Move to Learn has won the Creative Child Magazine Awards (2015 Preferred Choice), Tillywig Brain Child Award (2015), and Academic's Choice Smart Book Award (2015).

“To children, movement is not only natural, it's essential. It is a huge part of how they take in the world around them as well as their earliest form of communication and self-expression. It is how they learn. This book provides educators with a variety of classroom and outdoor activities that integrate fine and gross motor-skill development across the early childhood curriculum (language and literacy, math, science, social studies, creative representations, and social skills). Throughout, cognitive and motor activities are presented as one, a unified approach that engages kids deeply. That extraordinary level of absorption is one of the reasons children take in information more fully and freely where movement is involved. The carefully conceived activities feel strikingly rich and spontaneous in their execution and are designed work for any classroom, regardless of physical space or number of children.”

Brain Child Awards

“This book features ways to add movement into early childhood curriculum. Pre-k children do better with movement and exploration included with day to day learning. They can't sit and focus for long periods of time like older children. The activities are easy to implement and add interactivity and fun in the classroom.”

Academic's Choice Awards

“The activities are easy to follow. This is my second year assisting with pre-k in our local school district. We did "Let's Go Fishing" in the classroom. The kids loved that one.”

Academic's Choice Awards

“Movement helps students engage with and retain what is being taught to them. Move to Learn helps introduce teachers and parents to practical activities that make teaching young children fun and effective.”

Academic's Choice Awards

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