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More One-Hour Mysteries

More One-Hour Mysteries



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More One-Hour Mysteries

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Teachers loved Mary Ann Carr's One-Hour Mysteries and asked for more! In this follow-up to her wildly popular book, Carr offers five More One-Hour Mysteries. This book offers motivating mysteries that your students can solve using clues and logical reasoning. Your students become crime scene investigators, analyzing clues found at a crime scene and applying forensic techniques in their analysis.

Each mystery includes a complete set of teacher instructions and reproducible handouts that may be photocopied for classroom use. This exciting book features the following mysteries:

Miss Moneybags' Last Will and Testament,
The Doggone Mystery,
The Case of Forged Houdini,
Who Took the Video Game, and
Aunt Sally's Secret.

What better way to motivate critical thinking than with a whodunit? Skills include deductive reasoning, inferring, taking notes, organizing data, and analyzing evidence.

Get ready for real thinking combined with cloak-and-dagger fun!