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Many Languages, One Classroom
Teaching Dual and English Language Learners

Many Languages, One Classroom
Teaching Dual and English Language Learners



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Many Languages, One Classroom

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In classrooms across the country, teachers are encountering more children who are learning English, come from diverse backgrounds, and who speak a variety of languages. As challenging as this may be, a preschool teacher’s goal remains the same: to welcome all children and give them the best possible start in education and in life.

Even the most experienced teacher can feel a bit unsure about meeting the unique needs of children from different language backgrounds. Many Languages, One Classroom applies the latest information about best practices to all aspects of a preschool program. From using lists of key words and visual aids to using body language and gestures, the strategies you will find in this book are adaptable and easy to put into practice. Designed to fit any preschool curriculum, Many Languages, One Classroom addresses state standards and benchmarks of standard quality programming.

Organized by interest areas and times of the day, you’ll find everything you need to help English language learners during dramatic play, outdoor play, reading, science, blocks, and circle time. Each chapter has the following key components:

  • The Environment
  • Activities
  • Links to Standards
  • Family Connections
  • Technology Tips
  • Reflections

Many Languages, One Classroom is filled with ideas you can implement in your classroom to open the doors of literacy and learning for young English language learners.

Karen N. Nemeth

Karen Nemeth earned her BA in psychology from William Paterson University and her MEd in learning, cognition, and development from Rutgers University. She has been a teacher and a teacher...

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“This book fills a serious gap in our professional toolbox: How to design and implement curriculum for young children who are learning English as they continue to learn their home language. ”

Linda M. Espinosa, Ph.D.
Former Professor of Early Childhood Education at the University of Missouri-Columbia