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Literacy for All Young Learners

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Literacy for All Young Learners Excerpt


Literacy for All Young Learners



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Literacy for All Young Learners

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Early childhood classrooms are becoming more and more diverse. One in nine students in the United States currently does not speak English as his first language. Soon, one in four students will be an English language learner (ELL). Dual languages and a wide range of reading abilities require that teachers have the resources to reach all learners in their classrooms.

In Literacy for All Young Learners, Mary Jalongo, PhD, offers 65 strategies to support literacy learning with children from preschool through the third grade. With specific suggestions for ELL students, Jalongo includes recommendations for hundreds of great children’s books, websites, and apps to make teaching easier. Each strategy is designed to be simple to use with all of the children in your classroom—from the not-yet-readers to the fluent readers—and each strategy is tied to the Common Core State Standards for kindergarten through third grade.

Downloadable digital content includes sample parent letters in English and Spanish, extra book-based activities, and technology supports.

Discover new ideas and fresh approaches for teaching:

  • alphabet learning and letter-sound correspondence,
  • sight words,
  • reading comprehension,
  • sequence and story line,
  • listening skills,
  • oral language skills,
  • writing skills,
  • and so much more!
Mary Renck Jalongo, PhD

Mary Renck Jalongo, PhD, is an internationally respected educator, author, presenter, editor, and consultant. She is a professor of education at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where she coordinates the doctoral...

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Literacy for All Young Learners has won the Academic's Choice Smart Book Awards (2016).

“I liked how the book reinforced basic skills for teaching and applied these to ELL students. The book was very accessible for short reading of a suggestion a day and didn't appear to have a rigid program of instruction that would interfere with programs already in place in a school setting. I appreciated the standards for each suggestion being listed out, as administrators often want these in lesson plans. I have owned other Gryphon House books that seem to follow a template similar to this one, which makes it predictable and easy to use.”

Academic's Choice Awards

“I was impressed that most of the book recommendations were from at least the past 15 years (which makes them easier to find in libraries). Overall, the organization of the book is nicely done and will serve as a reference guide during lesson planning.”

Academic's Choice Awards

“This is a resource designed for educators in a small group or traditional classroom, dealing with English Language Learners. The suggestions and plans are generic enough for broad use. Rationale and correlations to common core standards are provided. Literacy, particularly early literacy, is the focus of this book, with most suggestions readily applying to K-1st grade. Phonemic awareness, print awareness, rhyming, vocabulary, narrative skills, and alphabet knowledge stand out in most of the strategies.”

Academic's Choice Awards