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Let’s Build
Strong Foundations in Language, Math, and Social Skills

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Let’s Build Excerpt


Let’s Build
Strong Foundations in Language, Math, and Social Skills



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Engage children with meaningful constructive play!

Blocks are a key teaching tool in any early childhood program.  Through well-planned, teacher-supported block play experiences, young children can develop build math, language, and social skills while using their imaginations and boosting their creativity.

Let's Build provides educators of young children with guidance in how to create early childhood environments that support children’s natural need to play.  It includes strategies for creating and scaffolding the block play experience, recommends children’s books that support the learning, and outlines ways to match behaviors, content, and concepts to learning standards.

More than just a collection of activities, lesson plans are based on ten broad themes:

  • Thanksgiving – Sharing and Giving
  • Our Families and Ourselves
  • Winter and Winter Animals
  • Large Buildings Around the World
  • Birds
  • Insects and Spiders
  • The Ocean and Ocean Life
  • Amphibians and Reptiles
  • Ways to Travel
  • Wild Animals
Pamela C. Phelps

Pamela C. Phelps is the creator of the Creative Pre-School Model Program and the author of Beyond Cribs and Rattles and Beyond Centers and Circle Time curricula. She has published...

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