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Learn Every Day About Animals
100 Best Ideas from Teachers

Learn Every Day About Animals
100 Best Ideas from Teachers



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Learn Every Day About Animals

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Learning about ANIMALS has never been so much fun!

Even the youngest children love animals; they want to pet puppies, visit lions at the zoo, and imitate animal sounds. Learn Every Day About Animals is an activity book inspired by children’s fascination with our furry friends.

With this resource, teachers can easily incorporate learning about animals into any curriculum: Games like “Whose Feet Are These?” teach recognition, while “Playdough Porcupine” allows children to explore different art mediums, and “Scratch Like a Monkey” gets children active and moving. Curiosity about our animal friends is natural for children ages 3 to 6, and with Learn Every Day About Animals, the learning has never been more fun!

Each activity features:
·    Learning objectives
·    Vocabulary
·    Related children’s books
·    Materials
·    Preparation (if necessary)
·    What to do
·    An assessment component

Each of the books in the Learn Every Day series offers teachers 100 classroom-tested activities that make learning fun and engaging for young children!

Kathy Charner

Kathy Charner is the Editor in Chief, Books and Related Resources for the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), the nation’s leading professional organization for those working...

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