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Hands-On Science and Math
Fun, Fascinating Activities for Young Children

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Hands-On Science and Math Excerpt


Hands-On Science and Math
Fun, Fascinating Activities for Young Children



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Hands-On Science and Math

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Encourage young investigators to feel, listen, smell, taste, and see their way to discovery by seamlessly infusing math and science throughout the school day! As you incorporate all five senses into learning experiences, you will give little innovators the opportunity to observe and explore the world around them.

The activities in Hands-On Science and Math: Fun, Fascinating Activities for Young Children will help you plan engaging science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) lessons that will excite children and foster their critical thinking. Children can experience the thrill of scientific inquiry through simple experiments:

  • Launching Recycled Rockets
  • Shake and Freeze: Homemade Ice Cream
  • Look Out! Volcano Erupting
  • The Mystery of Suspensions
  • Go, Car, Go! Simple Machines and Inclined Planes

Designed to work with easy-to-find materials, the Hands-On Science and Math activities are inexpensive and uncomplicated, yet they lay the groundwork for understanding more complex STEM concepts later on.

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Hands-On Science and Math Kit : Gryphon House

Beth Rosenthal Davis

Beth Rosenthal Davis, EdS, NBCT, holds a bachelor’s degree in elementary education; a master’s degree in teaching English to speakers of other languages, or TESOL; and an education specialist degree in...

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Hands-On Science and Math has won the Creative Child Magazine Awards (2015 Preferred Choice), Tillywig Brain Child Award (2015), and Academic's Choice Smart Book Award (2015).

“The more engaged children are during the learning process, the greater their understanding and retention of the material. The experiments, activities, and overall approach in this book encourage a kind of 'full body learning' that brings all five senses into play, an approach that elevates kids' involvement to the highest level. The positive results are evident immediately - in the keen interest, excitement, even joy on the part of young learners as they observe, act, and inquire. There are dozens of fun, simple experiments designed to work with easy-to-find materials. The book uses research-based methods, provides step-by-step directions, and includes detailed explanations of the science involved, making it incredibly easy for an educator to intersperse science and math throughout the day. Above all, this hands-on approach promotes critical thinking and problem-solving in young students, laying a strong foundation for ongoing success in school and life.”

Tillywig Brain Child Award

“This book encourages a tactile approach to Science and Math. It takes abstract principles and turns them into memorable and fun activities.”

Academic's Choice Award

“I like the way that the experiments/exercises are laid out in the book. The book is very colorful, the typeface is a comfortable one for adults as well as children who are new to reading. I really like the graphs that are included in the book for record-keeping during the experiments. It makes it so much easier on the parents to not have to create everything before beginning a lesson. I also liked the informational bubbles that modified experiments and exercises for children with sensory or other learning differences. For parents who are new to educating their children I think those notes are invaluable. They reinforce the understanding that learning is personal and just because, for example, your child doesn't want to touch a gooey substance, it doesn't mean that they aren't learning the lesson. Just go with the flow.”

Academic's Choice Award

“This is a book that I wish I'd had when my children were younger. As a homeschooler I was always reluctant to do science experiments because of the mess (I took them to the local museum that held classes), but these experiments are just right for my mess-o-meter. There's enough messy excitement for the kid to enjoy and just enough for me not to dread cleaning.”

Academic's Choice Award