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Getting to the Heart of Learning
Social-Emotional Skills across the Early Childhood Curriculum

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Getting to the Heart of Learning Excerpt


Getting to the Heart of Learning
Social-Emotional Skills across the Early Childhood Curriculum



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Getting to the Heart of Learning

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The best learning emerges in a classroom community where children feel accepted and appreciated for their ideas and actions. Through the activities in Getting to the Heart of Learning, Ellen Booth Church shows teachers and caregivers how easy it is to foster children’s sense of curiosity through group explorations that promote social connection and positive development. With step-by-step instructions, Getting to the Heart of Learning weaves social-emotional learning into activities that support math, science, literacy, and motor skills. Rather than adding in activities throughout the day, these explorations integrate social-emotional learning across the curriculum through group involvement and building community. Learn how to strengthen home-to-school connections, too, with easy strategies that help families develop a shared vision for student’s social-emotional and academic success.

Ellen Booth Church

Ellen Booth Church, a former associate professor of early childhood at SUNY Farmingdale, has shared her unusual approach of combining cognitive learning experiences with creative play in a variety of...

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Getting to the Heart of Learning has won the 2015 Tillywig Toy Brain Child Award, and 2015 Academic's Choice Smart Book Award.

“This much-needed book (for teachers of kids aged 3 - 6 years) provides a clear and effective approach to helping children develop the social and emotional skills so essential to their present and future success in school. It does so through a series of activities that span the entire curriculum but that focus on both the emotional and academic aspects of learning. In the first chapter, we are introduced to the Seven Cs of Social-emotional Learning - cooperation, communication, curiosity, caring, contemplation, confidence, and competence - concepts that are woven into the fabric of the material that follows. The open ended, play-based activities are organized by topic - math, science, language, literacy, and motor skills. The fact that each of these chapters' titles begins with the words, 'Getting to the Heart of . . .' lets us know up front that we'll be exploring far more than just the academic aspect of each subject, and invaluably so.”

Tillywig Brain Child Award

“The beginning of this book taught me a lot about my boy. It helped me realize that he is relatively normal! There are countless lesson plans that I have now. This will help me when I try to teach my boy after he comes home from school. This book would be great for teachers too!”

Academic's Choice Award