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Find the Joyful Leader Within
Banishing Burnout in Early Childhood Education

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Find the Joyful Leader Within Excerpt


Find the Joyful Leader Within
Banishing Burnout in Early Childhood Education



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As an early educator, you face many challenges. You may be asking yourself if you’re in the right place, doing the right thing. You may be wondering if you’re making a difference. You may be feeling symptoms of burnout but see opportunities to be a positive influence on individuals around you.

Change your life and transform your leadership by embarking on a joyful journey today. Even if you do not have an official leadership position, you can lead with joy. If you are an individual who uplifts, guides, and inspires others, then you are a joyful leader!

Throughout this book, Teresa Byington offers ideas for bringing joy to your work with intentionality. Discover ways to rise now by implementing strategies to help you become a more joyful leader. Find ways to shine on the individuals that you lead and inspire them to be more joyful. Filled with real-life examples of early childhood educators leading with joy, each chapter concludes with discussion questions, a reflection activity, and an action plan.

Explore five aspects of joyful leadership:

  • Reimagine your purpose.
  • Radiate a joyful outlook.
  • Engage in joyful action.
  • Create caring connections.
  • Use reflection to build strengths.
Teresa A. Byington, PhD

Teresa Byington, PhD, is a professional-learning veteran with deep experience as a facilitator, trainer, speaker, and professional. She is currently a professor/state specialist in early childhood education for the University of...

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