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Enticing Environments for People Under Three

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Enticing Environments for People Under Three Excerpt


Enticing Environments for People Under Three



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Enticing Environments for People Under Three

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Child-care environments play an important role in how babies, toddlers, and two-year-olds experience learning. Colors, sounds, smells, and the placement of furniture, lighting, and textures all influence how people act and interact inside a classroom.

Chock-full of colorful photographs from real-world infant and toddler settings, Enticing Environments for People under Three offers fresh ideas for making centers and classrooms inspiring for all of the people who inhabit them. Discover numerous, easy-to-implement strategies to create a well-planned, enticing environment with a thoughtfully implemented curriculum that profoundly influences:

  • Cognitive Development
  • Emotional Development and Mental Health
  • Physical Development
  • Social Skills and Language Development
  • Guidance Approaches
  • Caregiver Satisfaction
Laura Wilhelm, EdD

Laura has taught pre-k, kindergarten, and first and third grades in urban and suburban schools. She has been a lab-school director, a program director, and a professor of early childhood...

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