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Encouraging Physical Activity in Toddlers

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Encouraging Physical Activity in Toddlers Excerpt


Encouraging Physical Activity in Toddlers



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Encouraging Physical Activity in Toddlers

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Toddlers are on the move almost constantly! Even though encouraging physical activity is not a problem, you can model new movements and skills and lay the foundation for them to enjoy physical activity as they grow.

Toddlers need lots of time to master the basics, such as jumping, rolling, and balancing. As they become more comfortable with their bodies and confident in their ability to be physically active, their desire to participate will increase. They’ll enjoy kicking and throwing different types of balls, walking up and down stairs, running outside, and pedaling tricycles.

Most of their physical activity involves unstructured play, and rightly so. However, you can also introduce them to new equipment with structured play and then let them explore on their own or with playmates.

If you help toddlers understand how to develop physical skills, you will help them build confidence and have fun being active. What a gift for a lifetime!

Steve Sanders, EdD

As a professor and early childhood consultant, Steve Sanders, EdD, focuses on preparing the next generation of teachers to help children become physically active and healthy for a lifetime. For...

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Encouraging Physical Activity in Toddlers has won the Mom's Choice Awards (Gold).