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Cooking Art
Easy Edible Art for Young Children

Cooking Art
Easy Edible Art for Young Children



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Cooking Art

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Have you ever eaten a potato ghost? A cantaloupe canoe? A banana snake or a star biscuit? With Cooking Art, children will create edible masterpieces. And they will love serving these delicious beverages, salads, sandwiches, entrees and desserts to friends and family. Make a whole theme-related meal or party! Child-readable icons make choosing recipes and following steps easily.

Cooking Art combines the familiar area of art exploration with the fascinating world of cooking and all its wondrous tools, tastes and outcomes. This book offers a wonderful opportunity for children to become comfortable and capable in the kitchen — with adult help and assistance — using exploration, discovery, creativity, and following simple directions to create uniquely designed, edible art. Each recipe allows ample room for cooking artists to explore and create in their own special, unique ways. The recipes in Cooking Art have lots of room for personal choices in foods selected, food design and food presentation. Although steps in the recipes should be followed, the outcome of each recipe can be completely different from one cooking artist to the next. The art process is of primary importance in Cooking Art. The product is the delicious reward for exploring the creative possibilities of cooking.

MaryAnn F. Kohl

MaryAnn Kohl is an experienced educator and publisher whose interest in creative art comes from years of teaching young children, first as an elementary school teacher, later as a college...

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Jean Potter

Jean Potter is an award-winning author and executive.  Her career includes: classroom teacher director of West Virginia Early Childhood Education Program Deputy Assistant Secretary of Education for the U.S. Department...

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Cooking Art has won the Early Childhood News Director's Choice Award, and Parent Council Award.

“…(an) imaginative resource of 150 activities to encourage 3- to 8-year-olds to have “edible art experiences” while developing kitchen skills.”

Kid’s: Activities for Families
Woman’s Day

“…sure to keep the under 10 crowd amused.”

Boston Herald

“Highly recommended! ”

Children’s Bookwatch

“The recipes allow plenty of room for young chefs to develop their own personal style in the kitchen…”

Chicago Parent

“Cooking Art…contains amazingly creative, surprisingly healthful and not too complicated recipes to create edible art.”

Metrokids, Delaware

“One of the most creative and practical children’s “how-to” books to come our way… ”

Daily News

“It’s great for beginning cooks.”

Kitchenware News

“Fun in its simplest, purest, most delightful form.”

Joyful Child Journal

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