Block Science Big Cement Truck

Block Science Big Cement Truck



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3 years & up. Building upon the multi-faceted early childhood development benefits of unit block play, this solid beechwood truck is designed to overlay a lesson on how a simple machine works. This large cement truck carries a cement mixer which is connected to the wheels of the truck by five different gears. When the truck is moved, the cement mixer turns, teaching children to recognize and investigate the mechanics of using gears. Use Unit Blocks (sold separately) along with this Block Science Big Truck to teach simple machine and STEM concepts while encouraging construction, deconstruction, teamwork, social interaction and self-expression. Measures 15.25”H x 5.5”D x 9”L.


  • Large beech wood toy truck with plastic parts teaches children about simple machines
  • Five working gears connect the wheels of the truck to the cement mixer, which rotates when the truck is pushed forward or pulled back
  • Teaches children to investigate the mechanics of gears
  • Educational benefits: Spatial reasoning, early engineering concepts and the mechanics of simple machines, social-emotional benefits including cooperation, sharing, language and self-expression