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30 Fun Ways to Learn About Writing

30 Fun Ways to Learn About Writing



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30 Fun Ways to Learn About Writing

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A little book that’s full of big fun for children as they learn about writing.

Young children learn through observing, imitating, and playing. This is also true as children begin to acquire writing skills. Fluency in writing is a complex skill, and children need plenty of exposure to written language. Teachers can use the games in 30 Fun Ways to Learn About Writing to make early writing in the classroom exciting and fun!

Whether labeling objects, making lists, or writing notes, children will be engaged and active with these activities that stimulate curiosity and imagination. These fully wide-ranging experiences give children the opportunity to play while they learn!

Each activity includes:

  • Learning focus
  • Materials list
  • Vocabulary words
  • Ideas for expanding the activity
  • Learning goals

With tips for turning the classroom into a literacy-rich environment and ideas for encouraging children to embrace the excitement of reading and writing, 30 Fun Ways to Learn About Writing brings literacy learning into the classroom in new ways!