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30 Fun Ways to Learn About Music

30 Fun Ways to Learn About Music



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30 Fun Ways to Learn About Music

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A little book that’s full of big fun for children as they learn about music.

Music does more than teach children to sing or play an instrument. The music and movement activities in 30 Fun Ways to Learn About Music build children’s development in other areas, like literacy, math, physical fitness, and coordination. These activities also help children develop concentration and build confidence. In addition, playing and enjoying music in group settings helps children’s creative and social development.

The activities in this book will have children dancing and singing as they discover melody and rhythm, both with instruments and with their own bodies. They will find the power of their voices with songs and chants that encourage memory-building and self-confidence. 

Each activity includes:

  • Materials list
  • Vocabulary words
  • Ideas for expanding the activity
  • Learning goals and concepts

Children love moving their bodies in new ways, and the power of music and song gets children to express themselves actively and creatively. Teachers will enjoy the energy these activities bring to the classroom, and children will love learning while having fun!