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Combining theory and best practices, Gryphon House’s award-winning authors have developed practical advice and effective teaching strategies for early childhood development. Our educator resources focus on a wide range of topics from strategies on teaching math to toddlers to creative lessons plans for preschool teachers to address the most challenging problems teachers face.

Browse our early childhood education resources for innovative and insightful teaching strategies that will help encourage cognitive, behavioral, and language development in students through active exploration and play. 

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Using Stop-Motion Animation | A Loose-Parts Technology Activity

Stop-motion animation is a technique that allows students to create a scene with small figures or items. Stop-motion is another option for self-expression while exposing children to a technology tool. Students position a figure in a scenario, take a photo, move the figure a little bit and take another photo, and then repeat and repeat. The end result of the stacked photos is the appearance that the figure is moving. With stop-motion animation, students are engaged, motivated, and have choice and voice in the learning process! Get the book—Loose Parts Learning in K-3 Classrooms—for more on implementing the loose-parts mindset and loose-parts activities in each of the STREAM disciplines.