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Research shows that babies and children who enjoy a stimulating home environment learn better and more quickly. What can parents and caregivers do to lay the groundwork for early learning that benefits a child throughout her life? Plenty! Explore together. Ask questions: Who, what, how, and why? Experiment: What happens if? Join your child in his enthusiasm for learning! Covering free infant activities to elementary student projects, our resources and activities support all stages of early childhood development.

Featured Activity

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Snow Day Crafts for Kids

Snow on the ground? Classes cancelled? Time for snow day crafts! Snow days are always exciting for kids. They get to play outside and spend some time with their family! What better way to make the most of this extra day at home than with snow day activities for kids? There are so many ways to bring the snow fun inside once your child is ready to warm up. From doily snowflakes to snowmen that never melt, there are so many toddler art and craft projects to try!




Whether you’re a first time parent or not, informative books and resources by award-winning early education authors can show parents how to connect early education theory to day-to-day practice with hands-on activities. Available resources such as art activities for infants meet the challenge of positively honing a child’s creative impulses while books on how to teach your baby math encourage infants’ ability to classify and problem solve.

Make science exciting with science activities for toddlers meant to stimulate growing minds. Lay the ground work for math concepts with math activities for toddlers designed to keep children engaged with explorative play. You can even foster your child’s language development through singing with our available music activities for infants and toddlers.

With insightful books like Raising a Talker and A Parent’s Guide to Preschool, you’ll feel prepared to send your children to school knowing they have learned the key skills needed for successful social interactions and classroom learning.

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