Thomas Moore

Thomas Moore

Thomas Moore, PhD, is nationally recognized as an early childhood consultant, keynote speaker, workshop leader, and children's recording artist. He has given more than 800 speeches and workshops in the United States and abroad.

Thomas is a columnist for Children and Families, the magazine of the National Head Start Association. He has written cover stories for Early Childhood Today and parenting magazines as well as articles for Young Children, the journal of the National Association for the Education of Young Children. He has been a university associate professor of early childhood education and coordinator of the North Carolina Head Start Collaboration Project. Thomas earned his bachelor of music degree from the Manhattan School of Music, and his master's and PhD degrees in early childhood education from Indiana State University.

Thomas Moore lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.



Awards for Do You Know the Muffin Man: 

Earlychildhood News Director's Choice Award

Parent's Choice Award

Teacher's Choice Award

Award for And the Cow Jumped Over the Moon:

Earlychildhood News Director's Choice Award



Praise for Do You Know the Muffin Man:

"Music is MAGIC! The 'Doctors' (Schiller and Moore) have served up the perfect 'medicine' for developing literacy skills in a meaningful and FUN way!"

—Jean Feldman, author, musician, and early childhood consultant


"Pam and Thomas have put together a wonderful literacy book using favorite children's songs as a catalyst. This book will inspire parents and teachers to share the joy of music with their children while developing language and reading skills."

—Jackie Silberg, bestselling author and children's musician


"Language development is the most important factor in a child's readiness to read. Pam Schiller and Thomas Moore have teamed-up to produce a great music-related resource that will build children's vocabulary in a fun and appropriate way."

—Al Rasso (Mr. Al), children's recording artist and early childhood consultant


Praise for And the Cow Jumped Over the Moon:

"A not-to-miss title."

The Field Guide to Parenting

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