Tamera Bryant

Tamera Bryant

Tamera Bryant is a freelance writer and editor. Ms. Bryant worked as an editor for DLM and as a project editor for SRA McGraw-Hill.

Tamera Bryant lives in Columbus, Ohio.



The Values Book: Benjamin Franklin Award, finalist

Early Childhood News Director's Choice Award



Advice on Entering into the Early Childhood Field



Praise for The Values Book:

"... provides a set of activities, discussion ideas and games which adults can use to help children understand and practice character-building qualities. The exercises encourage kids to think of others and how they react to helpfulness, fairness, honesty and loyalty."

--Wisconsin Bookwatch


"The suggested questions and activities are insightful, timely, and very creative…It is obvious from the fresh ideas and approaches that the two authors have done their homework. It outlines how to consciously bring values back into our lives-values that each of us want for our children and the next generation."

--ForeWord Magazine


"Refreshingly, this compendium suggests ways of enhancing children's experience naturally, without homilies; it provides thoughtful questions for adults and kids to ponder, and activities as simple as making popsicles to practice patience."

--The Bloomsbury Review


"The Values Book focuses on finding new ways to instill traditional values. Citing circumstances within our culture and environment that are creating changes in our behaviors, this book offers teachers and parents quick and straightforward methods for raising children's awareness, understanding and practical experience of basic values."

--Jewish Journal


"Children learn by doing and through the examples of others, and this guide provides ample hands-on activities for youngsters to practice newly learned skills and concepts. It offers straightforward ideas for raising children's awareness, understanding, and experience of 16 basic values, including honesty, compassion, respect and tolerance."

--Genessee Valley Parent

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