Stephanie Mueller

Stephanie Mueller

Stephanie Mueller is an adjunct instructor with Tulsa Technology & Listening Station in the Early Care and Education program and on-call librarian with the Tulsa City County Library System. She also creates and presents continuing development workshops for early childhood education professionals. She holds a BS in elementary education, emphasis in family and child development, and an MS in library and information studies. Over the past 18 years, she has been a teacher in preschool and kindergarten classrooms, and an active leader in local early childhood professional organizations. 

Stephanie Mueller lives in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.



Awards for 101 Great Gifts Kids Can Make:

  • Benjamin Franklin Award
  • Creative Child Award Book of the Year
  • Mom's Best Award
  • National Parenting Center Seal of Approval
  • National Parenting Publications Award

Award for Everyday Literacy:

  • Earlychildhood News Director's Choice Award


Praise for 101 Great Gifts Kids Can Make:

"I love the ideas in this book! I help with my daughter's Daisy Scout troop, and we were able to find simple, yet creative ideas for the girls such as the cup photo holder. We can't wait to do the 'Come Cook with Me Jar' for Mother's Day. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for fun and easy activities to do with a group of kids."

"This book is great for allowing children to make personalized gifts for mom, dad, teachers or anyone special. Most of the materials used to make these gifts are regular household items or things that would normally be thrown away, so it's so inexpensive to do these projects, and my kids enjoyed making gifts rather than going to the store and buying them. They were so proud of what they were able to do on their own."

"I have a 3-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter, and I was able to find activities in this book that were appropriate for both of them. I also used it to suggest craft projects for kids to do during meetings with my moms group. These projects are nice because they don't require a lot of preparation; they're fairly mess-free, and they don't take a lot of time, so they hold the kid's attention."


"The best part of this book is that it has a wide selection of projects all in one place for young children to choose for themselves. It's well designed, organized, and the projects are easy."

—2012 Mom's Best Award Panel


Praise for Everyday Literacy:

"With the wide variety of activities in the book, teachers and parents are sure to find some activities that both fit within their budget and schedule and that will engage their children while helping them develop critical literacy skills."

—The Well-Read Child


"This award-winning book contains 250 activities, including: games, dramatic play, science and math, vocabulary, letters and sounds, and much more. Recommended for parents or teachers of children ages 3-8."

—West Virginia Family Magazine

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