Sally Anderson with The Vermont Center for the Book

Sally Anderson with The Vermont Center for the Book

Sally Anderson is the founder and president ex officio of the Vermont Center for the Book, an affiliate of the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress. She has created professional development programs for early childhood educators and librarians across the country, including courses centering on math, science, social studies, and early literacy. Sally is the recipient of many awards and honors, among them the Hope S. Dean Memorial Award from the Foundation for Children’s Literature, the Lyman Hunt Jr. Award from the Vermont Council on Reading, and a Special Recognition Award from the New England Reading Association.



For How Many Ways Can You Make Five? National Parenting Seal of Approval

For Where Does My Shadow Sleep?  National Parenting Seal of Approval, Teacher's Choice Award for the Family

For Social Studies and Me Benjamin Franklin Award, finalist; Teacher's Choice Award



Praise for How Many Ways Can You Make Five?

"I loved the literature connections to each activity in How Many Ways Can You Make Five?! Children develop their own understanding of math and the different ways they can problem solve. This book introduces math terms and how parents can build math activities (such as counting cookies) into their everyday activities. I loved the easy directions and the questions that were scripted for parents to ask. It is very easy for a person outside of the education field to use. I also loved the fact that it fostered some great conversations between parent and child!"

--Teacher's Choice Award for the Family


Praise for Where Does My Shadow Sleep?

"Young children are naturally curious and love to build and explore. The lessons in Where Does My Shadow Sleep? capitalized upon those concepts and explored activities that are tied to not only science, but math, reading and writing. I loved the text connections to each activity. Besides the book, there were not a lot of materials needed that you would not already have on hand. Some activities only required a small purchase (like a pumpkin). I loved that! I also liked the background information provided for each activity (which can be helpful for parents that haven't taught these skills)."

--Teacher's Choice Award for the Family


Praise for Social Studies and Me:

""This teacher resource book is full of insightful ideas on how to integrate children's storybooks with social studies. I love how with each storybook exploration, it gives ideas on how to link the book to a child's life experiences, how to foster standards-based discussions about the book, and ideas on how to extend, observe, and assess the learning from the book. It also gives ideas of things families can do at home as an extension."

"My students learned about families, communities, needs and wants and goods and services. The lessons were very engaging and the students really enjoyed each lesson that I chose to teach from the book."

"I like being able to use literature to introduce topics and areas of study for social studies. I think with the increasing emphasis on Language Arts, many teachers are turning to using literature resources to teach more areas of curriculum."

"My students had many opportunities to experience social studies concepts in exploration and dramatic play activities. We especially enjoyed the mapping activities that also tied into our math curriculum."
--Teacher Reviews

Books by Sally Anderson with The Vermont Center for the Book


How Many Ways Can You Make Five?

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Where Does My Shadow Sleep?

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Social Studies and Me!

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