Kay Hastings

Kay Hastings

Kay Hastings, PhD, earned her doctorate from Texas Women’s University in the field of child development and family studies. She has 30 years of teaching experience in early childhood education. Kay was director of the lab school and served on faculty at the University of Houston, Clear Lake, for 11 years and as founding executive director of Clear Lake Community Lab School for 19 years. Since retiring from teaching, Kay has spent her time writing children’s stories, including a series of 26 rhyming alphabet stories, Learning A-Z Easily, and a Giggle-a-Little series: Pumpkin Day Celebration, The Art Story, and Road Trip to the Zoo. Kay’s stories are available on video on her YouTube channel Once Upon a Rhyme Time Fun https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH_7qf9YwnOVZlefBPhHeAQ

Kay is the coauthor of two books for early childhood educators: Daily Preschool Experiences for Learners at Every Level and the Complete Resource Book for Preschoolers.

Dr. Kay Hastings lives in Houston, Texas.



Advice on Entering into the Early Childhood Field



Praise for The Complete Resource Book for Preschoolers:

"Offers a complete plan for every day of the year, including circle-time activities, music and movement activities, suggested books, and learning center ideas. The appendix is jammed-packed with songs, recipes and games."

--Northwest Family

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Daily Preschool Experiences for Learners at Every Level

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The Complete Resource Book for Preschoolers

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