Karen Cairone

Karen Cairone

Karen B. Cairone, MEd, is a senior training and technical assistance associate at Education Development Center.

Formerly, she was a special projects/trainer for the Devereux Early Childhood Initiative (DECI), where she was responsible for resource development, served as editor of the national newsletter, and worked on various other special projects for DECI. She continues to work as a consultant for Devereux.

She is the coauthor and coproducer of the Facing the Challenge DVDs, Classroom Moments DVD and accompanying training, and the coauthor of For Now and Forever: A Family Guide for the Social and Emotional Development of Infants and Toddlers and Social Strong, Emotionally Secure.



For Socially Strong, Emotionally Secure: Teacher's Choice Award



Praise for Socially Strong, Emotionally Secure:

"I enjoyed this book because it is a topic I face everyday of school. The activities are so wonderful, my students enjoyed and actually ask to do them during the day."

"I set up a time everyday for the activities to was my students develop their skills. Creating such skills made my heart soar. Thanks to your great resource!"

"We used the activities to build community in our classroom. The climate of our classroom improved after using these lessons."
--Teacher Reviews



Daily Bloom interviews Karen Cairone to talk about her award-winning book, Socially Strong, Emotionally Secure. Click here to watch the interview!

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