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Winter Summer Listening Activity


book about seasons
plastic drinking straws
yellow paper sun shapes
yellow curling ribbon cut into 8” strands
transparent tape
white tissue paper


l Create a sunshine wand for each child: Tape three strands of yellow curling
ribbon and a yellow paper sun shape to the one end of a straw.
What To Do
1. Provide each child with a piece of white tissue paper. Have the children
crumple these into balls to create the snowballs for this activity.
2. Give each child a sunshine wand. Read the children a book about the
seasons (see list to the left for suggestions). Invite the children to hold up
their snowballs whenever they hear about winter weather and to wave their
sunshine wands over their heads whenever they hear about warm summer
3. After reading the book, recite simple statements about winter and summer
such as "I went sledding down the hill at my grandpa's farm," "Our family
went swimming at the lake," "We like to make a snow fort in our yard," and
"Dad cooked hamburgers on the grill outside."
4. Challenge the children to raise the correct object during each statement.
5. Encourage the children to work in groups in which the children take turns
stating a favorite summertime or wintertime activity, and the rest of the
children wave their sunshine wands or snowballs accordingly.
To assess the children's learning, consider the following:
l Do the children understand the connection between the objects and the
l Are the children attentive? Do they wave the correct objects during the
various seasonal statements?
l Can the children describe things they like about the two seasons?
Book: Learn Every Day About Seasons
Center: Library/Book/ ABC Center
Topic: Weather
Content: Science
Area: Language
Age: 4 Years Old
Interaction: Large Group

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