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Welcome to Our Class


8 1/2 ” x 11” outlines of a boy and girl
copy machine
construction paper
tempera markers (or colored markers)
glue stick
hole punch
string or yarn


1. Make a copy of an outline of a boy or girl on white construction paper
for each child in the class.
2. Let each child decorate her pattern using colored markers or tempera
markers to match her clothing and hair style.
3. After the paint has dried, have them cut out their self-portraits and glue
them to a sheet of brightly colored construction paper.
4. Label each portrait with the child’s name.
5. Use a hole punch and yarn to assemble the pages together into a class
6. Make an appropriate cover for the book, such as “Welcome to Our Class.”
7. Whenever a guest, substitute teacher, or new student comes to the
classroom, let the children introduce themselves by “reading” the class
book like Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin, Jr.
(First child’s name), (first child’s name), whom do you see?
I see (second child’s name) looking at me.
(Second child’s name), (second child’s name), whom do you see?
I see (third child’s name) looking at me.
8. Continue in this manner and have each child stand when you turn to
his page.
9. Remove or add pages as needed as children leave or join the class
throughout the year.
10. At the end of the year, take apart the book (as well as all class books
done throughout the year).
11. For each child, assemble all of their pages from the various class books
made throughout the year. Use the outline picture as a cover.
12. Send the finished products home for families to treasure.

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