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We’re Waiting




1. As much as we try to avoid it, there are inevitably times when the children
will be required to wait for an anticipated activity or event to begin.
2. Before beginning this song, explain why they are being asked to wait and tell
them you are going to sing a song together to make the waiting time go faster.
3. Ask the children to clasp their hands together, interlinking fingers.
4. Show them how to roll one thumb around the other in the typical “waiting”
gesture. While the children are rolling their thumbs, sing this simple song to
any tune you choose.
We’re waiting, we’re waiting,
We’re waiting, we’re waiting,
We’re waiting, we’re waiting
For (insert activity name here) to begin.
5. Change the song as necessary to reflect the situation. For example, if the
children are waiting for the ice cream truck to show up, you might change
the last line to “for the ice cream truck to come.”
6. Play silly “mind” games. Ask the children to close their eyes and think about
the anticipated activity. Guide them in their thoughts much as a meditation
guru would guide those participating in meditation. If the activity becomes
available while the children are meditating, you can tell them that their good
thoughts helped to make the activity happen!
More to do
Games: If your anticipated activity seems to be endlessly delayed and you
cannot move on to another activity, play some simple and fun games that require
little or no equipment. For example, grab some small toys and play a “What’s
Missing?” game.

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