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Water Play with a Baster


Two containers (or more)
Plastic baster


1. Pour water into one of the containers.
2. Demonstrate how to squeeze the bulb on the baster to take up water. Then, show the children how to release the bulb. The water remains in the tube.
3. Show the children how to transfer water to the other container by squeezing the bulb.
4. Encourage the children to practice the same procedure. The children can move the water from one container to the other indefinitely.

More to do:

Add food coloring to the water. Use several containers of colored water and encourage the children to observe what happens when two colors are blended. Use eyedroppers and small containers.
Art: Make drip paintings using eyedroppers and colored water on coffee filters.
Language: Build vocabulary with words such as squeeze, bubble, drip, pour, or even spill.
Science: Explain how the baster works. Squeezing the air out of it creates a vacuum and picks up the water.
Book: GIANT Encyclopedia of Preschool Activities for 4-Year-Olds
Center: Sand & Water
Topic: Water
Content: Science
Area: Fine Motor
Age: 4 Years Old
Interaction: Small Group

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