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Vegetable Garden

Book: The GIANT Encyclopedia of Monthly Activities For Children 3 to 6









3 through 4 Years Old


Individual Child

PDF Available


plot of land or bins of soil
shovels and rakes (size depends on if you are inside or outside)
hose or watering can
vegetable seedlings
plant markers
books or pictures about gardens


1. Introduce the concept of a vegetable garden to the children.
2. Talk about the children’s experiences with home gardens, show
pictures, and encourage questions.
3. Have seedlings (preferably grown by the children, but may be
purchased) and other supplies ready at the plot.
4. Bring small groups of children to the garden whether it is indoors or
5. Have each child choose a seedling to plant and give each child a
marker that matches the plant.
6. Call the children by plant type and give them a ruler. Explain that all like
plants should be planted in the same area of the garden and that their
plants need to be 1’ (ruler length) away from their classmate’s plants.
7. Encourage the children to work out where their plants will go and claim
their spots with a marker. (You may decide to put children’s names on
the markers as well or make this a community garden that everyone
can be proud of.)
8. Provide the shovels and assist the children with the transplanting.
9. Don’t forget to water the plants.
10. Have the children tend to the garden regularly weeding, raking,
watering, pruning, and finally picking. Eat the food as it is available or
make vegetable soup with the children.

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