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The Magic Letter Game


Large note cards


1. Make a set of cards by writing the uppercase letters of the alphabet on each card (one letter per card), large enough for the children to read in a group setting.
2. Invite the children to sit in a circle with you. Explain that they will be playing the Magic Letter Game. Emphasize that it is important for them to pay attention and listen so they will know what to say when it is their turn.
3. Show the children the set of cards, one at a time in alphabetical order, and encourage them to name each letter.
4. Shuffle the cards and draw one at random for the "magic letter."
5. Show the card and invite the class to name the letter. Lay the card face up in front of you.
6. Beginning with the letter "A," go around the circle and have each child say a letter of the alphabet, in order, until someone gets to the "magic letter." For example, if the letter "R" was drawn, the game will go from "A" to "R," and the child who gets to say the letter "R" will be "Mr. R" or "Miss R." You might want to serve as the initial starting person and say "A," and then have the sequence move around the circle to your left (the child next to you says "B," and so on).
7. The person who gets to say the magic letter (in this case, "Miss R") stands up as everyone claps.
8. Choose a new "magic letter" by drawing another card and begin the alphabet sequence again, with the winner of the previous round starting the game by saying the letter "A."
9. Repeat the game as many times as you like, each time drawing a new letter.
10. Sometimes a child may be unsure of what letter to say when it is his turn. Emphasize beforehand that it is always okay to ask for help if they don't know the answer this is a learning game! Encourage the children to help their friends by raising their hands if they know the correct letter. The child can then call on a friend who may say the letter.
11. The game can continue until all the letters have been used, or can conclude after a pre-determined number of "magic letters" are chosen.
Book: The GIANT Encyclopedia of Kindergarten Activities
Center: Group or Circle Time
Topic: Letters/Sounds/Words
Content: Literacy
Area: Language
Age: Kindergarten
Interaction: Large Group

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