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The Houses of the Three Little Pigs


Three old twin-size sheets
red, yellow, brown, and black paint
pink and brown construction paper
hole punch


1. This is a great activity for a fairy tale unit. After reading the story of the three
little pigs, tell the children they will work in teams to create the pigs’ houses
for the Dramatic Play area.
2. Pair the children into teams.
3. Lay a sheet on each table and assign a team to each table to paint a house
(one of straw, one of sticks, and one of bricks).
4. Pass out paints and brushes. Let the children decide which house they want
to make. When they are done painting, let the sheets dry. Sheets take about
one to two days to dry.
5. The next step is to make pig masks and wolf mask. Beforehand, cut out pig
masks and wolf masks using the patterns (pages 522-523). Give each child a
mask pattern to color with markers.
6. Help them cut out the eyes, punch holes in each side, and tie string through
the holes.
7. When the sheets are dry, hang them from the ceiling, side by side, or in a
grouping in your dramatic play area.
8. Show the children how they can put on their masks and act out the story of
the three little pigs as they move from house to house. Explain that they can
act out their own version of the story and have more than one pig living in
each house.
Tip: Extend the activity by reading more than one version of the fairy tale. It is
interesting to observe the children and see which version of the story they
act out.

Book: The GIANT Encyclopedia of Kindergarten Activities

Dramatic Play/Pretend & Play/House Corner


Homes and Houses


The Arts: Dramatic Arts






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