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The Fruity Tooty Riddle Game


A tray with an apple, banana, lemon, orange, tomato, plum, kiwi, peach, grape, watermelon


1. First introduce the children to the fruits on the tray. Discuss why fruits are good for our bodies.
2. Now tell them that they are going to play the Fruity-Tooty Riddle Game.
3. Tell each child a riddle from the list that follows.
4. If a child tries to guess the answer and has trouble, other friends can help.
5. After a child has given the correct answer, he may select and eat the fruit that corresponds to
the riddle.
6. Follow up the riddle game with a tasting party.

1. I am green on the outside, pinkish red on the inside and usually have black seeds. (Watermelon)
2. You can eat me as a fruit or squeeze me for juice. I have lots of vitamin C, and I am an orange color. (Orange)
3. I am round and red and I grow on a vine. Some people think I am a vegetable but I'm really a fruit. (Tomato)
4. I can be red or yellow or green. I grow on a tree, and I have a star inside. (Apple)
5. I am very sour inside and I can make your mouth pucker. (Lemon)
6. I am hidden inside a yellow skin. Monkeys, as well as children, like to eat me. (Banana)
7. I am brown on the outside and green within. I have the same name as a bird. (Kiwi)
8. I am purple on the outside. I am purple on the inside, and my name starts with a P. (Plum)
9. I grow on a tree, and my skin is very soft and fuzzy. I am a pinkish color, and I'm very sweet. I usually grow in the summer. (Peach)
10. Sometimes I'm green and sometimes I'm purple. If I am dried in the sun, I become a raisin. (Grape)
Book: The GIANT Encyclopedia of Science Activities for Children 3 to 6
Center: Group or Circle Time
Topic: Food
Content: Science
Area: Cognitive
Age: 3 through 4 Years Old
Interaction: Individual Child

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