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The Flower Shop

Book: The Encyclopedia of Infant and Toddler Activities

Dramatic Play/Pretend & Play/House Corner




The Arts: Dramatic Arts


Gross Motor


2 Years Old


Large Group

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CD or tape of light, happy, dancing music
drum or tambourine


1. Call the children together and tell them that you are going to tell them
a story. Explain that they will be acting it out as you tell it.
2. Ask the children to sit down on the floor near you, and then begin
telling the story.
Once upon a time, there was a teacher named Mrs. Smith (or fill in your
name). Mrs. Smith really wanted to have a flower shop. So she went to the
market and bought some flower seeds. She brought the seeds home and
planted them. (Walk around to each child and tickle each child’s head as
though you are planting seeds.)
Mrs. Smith gave the seeds water, warmth, and love. Every day she would
walk around and look at the seeds she had planted and say, “Grow babies!”
(Walk around the children saying, “Grow babies, grow babies.” Really
make it a point to tell each child.)
And then one day, the seeds grew and grew and grew and grew and grew!!
(Bang a drum or tambourine and tell the children to grow wave their
hands in the air as the drum sounds.)
Mrs. Smith was so happy to see all the beautiful flower faces smiling up at
the sun. She gave the flowers some water, some warmth, and some love,
and she told them to have pleasant dreams before she left the flower shop
for the night. (The children lie down on the floor.)
While Mrs. Smith was gone, one of the flowers looked out the window and
exclaimed, “Hey, look! It’s a full moon! Let’s go dance in the moonlight!” So
the flowers jumped out of their pots, climbed through the window, and
began to dance in the moonlight! (Show the children how to pretend to
“jump out of their pots and climb through the window.” Play dancing
music for flowers to dance to.)
The flowers stayed up all night dancing. When the sun started to come up,
one of the flowers called out, “Hurry, back inside and into your pots!” (The
children pretend to scamper back inside and jump back into their pots.)
Mrs. Smith returned to the flower shop the next morning to discover all of
her flowers drooping. (Show the children how they can droop while
What happened to my flowers? Why, if I didn’t know any better, I’d think
they were up all night dancing. But my flowers can’t dance, or can they?
(Play the music again and invite the children to jump out of their pots
and dance.)
And they all lived happily ever after!

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