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Tens and Ones: Place Value Lesson Plan Ideas

Place Value Lesson Plan Ideas

Early childhood math lesson plans can be hard to make, especially if some of your learners are still struggling with certain math concepts like place value. Lesson plans to teach place value and number sense are a great way to enrich your early childhood math curriculum and support your students.

Here’s a lesson plan idea from Math in Minutes that will help your little learners tackle new math concepts in no time!


Leaves Are Falling


  • 10 leaves
  • Number line (with numbers 2” apart) or number squares numbered
  • 1-10 drawn with chalk

Math Objectives that Meet Standards:

Children will:

  1. Count by multiples of 1, 2, 5, and 10.
  2. Practice one-to-one correspondence.

Leaves Are Falling

Tune: Are you Sleeping?

Leaves are falling,

One, two, three,

From the tree.

Four, five, six,

Falling to the ground.

Seven, eight, nine,

Ten leaves falling down,

Covering the ground.

How to Do It

  1. This song teaches numeration and number sense. All you need is children and leaves!
  2. Bring the children outside. Choose 10 children and ask them to collect one leaf each from the ground. (If no leaves are available, use construction paper cutouts).
  3. When the children have their leaves, ask them to put the leaves together in a pile, counting in order as they place them in the pile, so they understand that the pile contains 10 leaves.
  4. After making the pile, ask the children to pick up their leaves and stand on one of the numbers on the number line.
  5. Ask them to count off, 1-10, so it is clear each child knows the number on which she is standing.

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