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Take Your Child on a Yoga Safari

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When we play, we learn! 

Through play, young children learn to communicate, interact, and expand their cognitive thinking horizons. And, when combined with physical exercise, play is a great way to teach young children to nurture their bodies while having fun. 

As children grow, they develop and refine motor skills they will use throughout life to be physically active and remain healthy. Parents, caregivers and educators play an important role in encouraging young children to be active.

What constitutes physical activity? Many health and fitness organizations categorize it as any body movement that results in energy expenditure above resting. So, any movement a child does other than sitting or lying down can be considered physical activity—playing tag, nature walks and scavenger hunts, hide and seek, and yoga. 

Just like learning to write, read, or understand numbers, practicing motor skills is essential to learning about the world. Learn how you can make play meaningful, educational and active for your child with a Yoga Safari activity. 


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